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Food Additives & Chemicals

Food additives & chemicalsAccording to the World Health Organization, the contamination of our food by dangerous chemicals has become a worldwide public health concern, and is even the cause of trade problems between countries who have banned some of the chemicals allowed in the US food supply.

But these chemicals are not only in our food, they also get into the air we breathe, leach into our water supply, and are present in far more things than we realize:

  • Food
  • Pet foods and pet products
  • Furniture
  • Household cleaners
  • Cosmetics (make-up, nail polish, etc.)
  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Personal care items (soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions, etc.)
  • Gardening products
  • Plastics

The list is endless.  Over time, the continual onslaught that we subject our bodies to wears down our immune system, contributing to a host of health related conditions.

The FDA:  Failure to protect human & pet food...

An estimated 14,000 laboratory-made chemicals are used today in processed and refined foods alone.  The types of chemicals used depend on what they are being used for.  They serve to make our food look fresher, more attractive, and can make them last longer on the shelf.  Some of them are stimulating and addicting, and others are carcinogenic (cancer-causing), especially in larger quantities that are eaten on a regular basis.  Others act as endocrine disruptors that disrupt our hormonal balance, and yet others contribute to a wide variety of other health problems.  

Any way you slice it, most of these chemicals are unnatural and not meant to be put into a healthy body.

Common categories of chemicals include:

  • Buffers
  • Preservatives
  • Neutralizers
  • Moisture content controls
  • Flavorings
  • Colorings
  • Bleaching agents
  • Maturing agents
  • Psychological activity controls
  • Stabilizers
  • Processing aids

Why you should avoid refined foods...

In general, avoid any product that lists a chemical additive on the label (unless it clearly states that the item is derived from a natural food source).   There are thousands of chemicals in packaged food, but let's take a look at some of the top offenders:



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