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Quitting an Addiction

When preparing to give up smoking or drinking, caffeine, drugs, junk food, or any addiction, it is important to not only understand why the addiction exists, but to also address both the automatic habit of doing it, as well as the addiction itself.

Many people are not only tired of their addiction and the guilt they feel about it, but they are sick and tired of trying to give it up.  It is time consuming, exhausting, and frustrating.  The guilt and shame is made worse because they have been told their addiction is a disease.

Addiction is a habit
that has become a chronic dependence

Habit vs. Addiction vs. Disease

These days, everything is neatly labeled as a "disease" which can be conveniently treated with "medications" and other medical solutions (many of which have side effects that can be worse than the addiction itself).  An addiction is a habit you develop for a variety of different reasons that, over a period of time, affects the brain chemistry to then create an addiction.  Just like habits can be hard to break, and some more dangerous than others, so can addictions.  

With some addictions (such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, and the chemicals in junk food), we alter the brain chemistry in ways that can last long after we stop taking the offending substance.  You can reduce the time it takes to normalize your brain chemistry by not only kicking the habit, but by also healing your body (and your brain) with highly nutritious food and lifestyle habits - with this approach, you will much sooner return your body to a state of vibrant health.

Are You Ready?

When we decide we are ready to give up an addiction, before we do anything else, we need to recognize three fundamental truths.

  1. Accept Yourself As You Are

    Always believe in yourselfThe first step is to accept who you are, right now, exactly as you are.  Regardless of your perceived shortcomings, successes and failures, your starting point always begins with self-acceptance at this moment in time.  

    Recognize that every single event in your life has happened for a reason.  They have each served a purpose, which is to provide you with the opportunities you need to grow and learn.  This is exactly what your habit has provided you with - an opportunity for growth and evolvement.  It is here to help you recognize that an area of your life needs attention, and that with a little effort and understanding on your part, you can learn the growth lesson the habit is providing you with and free yourself from it.

  2. The Present is Your Point of Power

    Kicking an addiction is about reclaiming your power.  It is about recognizing that every moment of your life you are creating your life's experience with every choice you make and every action you take.  Thoughts are very powerful things.  They are backed by a life force energy that tirelessly creates every single event in our lives.  Once you realize this truth, you will have the ability to completely transform your life because you will realize just how powerful you really are.

    You ARE Pure Potential

    As your future is a result of the choices you are making today, that puts you in an incredibly powerful position.  You can choose to continue your addiction, or you can choose to give it up.  It is entirely up to you.  Just as you created the addiction you are now experiencing, you can choose to create something different, and much more self serving instead.  You are far from helpless.  Helplessness and powerlessness are simply illusions you have bought into because it was convenient.  Believing you are helpless, or a victim of circumstance, is simply an excuse to remain stuck.  You have created the life through the power and energy of your thoughts and actions, and if you don't like it, you are always able to create something different.

  3. It is About Personal Power, Not Force

    Quitting an addiction is not about "force."  If you try and force yourself to quit any habit, you will encounter a lot of resistance and make the job so much harder.   It is about a recognition of your power to create anything you like in your life.  Every problem contains its own solution, and you are the only solution you need.  Once you make the decision to walk away from an addiction and make some important changes in your life that support this choice, you will put yourself in the mindset where success is your destination. 

Walking Away From Addiction

Action changes things

Quitting an addiction is always a challenge worth taking, and following a good, solid plan has helped millions of people kick an unhealthy habit for good.  

Let's take a look at 6 practical steps to take when it comes to saying goodbye to your addiction... for good!

Recognize the IMMEDIATE Benefits

The GREAT news is that your health improves the MOMENT you stop smoking, drop drinking, stop eating junk, stop doing drugs, or stop any habit that negatively affects your health.  That's right... every moment you are not engaging in that bad habit, you are changing the chemistry of your body.

For example, within hours of not smoking, blood pressure begins to normalize.  Blood levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide fall and the heart and lungs are able to begin healing the toxic tissues.  Within days, the lost sense of taste and smell from smoking are regained, and breathing becomes easier.  Not only are you improving your own health, but also the air around you.  As an added bonus, health insurance rates are lower for non-smokers than for smokers.

Just because changes may not be immediately noticeable, that does not mean they are not happening inside of your body.  They most definitely are, and that is something to feel fantastic about.

Celebrate EVERY Success!

Every single time you overcome a craving, celebrate by congratulating yourself and sharing it with friends and family.  Share it with the dog or your children by doing something fun!  Do something wild and whacky and lose yourself in the feeling of personal success!  Feelings of triumph over your cravings will serve to reinforce how in control you are and substantially help to increase your motivation.



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