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Macadamia Nut Halvah
1 cup raw tahini
3/4 cup of raw honey/coconut sugar
1 1/2 cups ground raw macadamia nuts*
Mix ingredients very well
Sprinkle almond bits on top to decorate (optional)
Chill 1 hour and serve
* This recipe can be also be made using almonds or pistachios.
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Melon flower salad
Melon Flower Salad

Evenly slice your favorite melons
Cut into shapes (or use cookie cutters)
Garnish with mint
Chill and serve

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Apple sauce
Apple Sauce

Core, peel & mash 2 apples
Add 1 tbsp lemon juice
Add a dash of cinnamon (optional)
Chill and serve

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Banana-blackberry chia pudding
Banana-Blackberry Chia Pudding
Water (or coconut water)
1 banana
Several blackberries
1 tbsp chia seeds
Blend all ingredients and garnish with blackberries.  Chill for at least 20 mins to allow chia seeds to "gel."
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Chompy apples
Chompy Apples

Slice apples into small wedges
Smear nut butter onto slices
Add macadamia nuts for teeth

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