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Corporate Wellness 

As president of a health and wellness company, I have watched the boom in the trend of corporate wellness programs.  Companies are looking for solutions to curb the rising cost of healthcare, the number of employees taking sick days, and high levels of employee turnover.  

Health is wealth

While many are reaping the rewards of a well-structured and successfully implemented program, unfortunately too many companies jump onto the wellness bandwagon with little experience or game plan for success.  As a result, many of these programs wind up being largely ineffective.

Let's talk about the benefits of a well-structured program and how I can customize a solution tailored to fit your company's needs.

Why Corporate Wellness?

There's no sugar-coating it.  Americans are fatter, sicker, and more stressed than ever before.  Our children are the most chronically sick and disabled, and our healthcare costs far exceed other 1st world countries.  At a time where cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity are epidemics, the US government is doing little to provide education on healthy living and eating, and responsible corporations are instead stepping up to the plate to implement a wellness program for their employees.  

A well-structured corporate wellness program can not only have a dramatic impact on the lives of employees, but it also fosters a more supportive and collaborative environment where employees enjoy spending their time.  Employee retention is higher because employees appreciate working for a company that cares about their health and happiness.  Remember... your employee are your greatest asset.

Companies that foster a healthy and happy workplace have employees who are:

  1. Less stressed
  2. Healthier and who take less sick days
  3. Less likely to develop a chronic disease
  4. More productive

For the employer, this translates to:

  1. Less work time lost
  2. Higher employee retention
  3. Lower healthcare expenses
  4. A more collaborative work environment

Employees who are educated on making healthy food and lifestyle choices are employees who are far more likely to be happy and satisfied in their job.

The Body Healer Corporate Wellness Program

"Wellness programs result in 25% lower sick leave, and reduced costs in health plans, workers' comp, and disability insurance."

American Journal of Health Promotion

The foundation of the Body Healer wellness program educates employees on the importance of high quality nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits, and helps employees become highly motivated and empowered to change unhealthy behavior.  Building on this foundation, I then expand on this foundation depending on the needs of your company.  I can incorporate yoga classes, healthy cooking classes, and stress management programs that address everything from work-life balance to improved sleep habits.  I can also include fitness challenges and weight loss initiatives that create a competitive yet supportive atmosphere with employees competing for exciting prizes while reaping the personal benefits.  

My wellness programs are organic by nature, evolving to fit the needs of your company.

It's a Commitment to Success

Successful corporate wellness programs have full buy-in from the company's leadership, with a dedicated budget and full commitment to a healthier approach to living and working.  This mindset is embedded in the company's core philosophy and overall strategy for the health and well-being of their employees.  

Wellness programs are long-term and involve a framework that outlines short and long-term goals for both the employee and employer.


I currently provide corporate wellness programs for organizations in the South Denver, Colorado area.  Pricing is dependent on the size of your organization and your needs.  For more information and to discuss your needs, please contact me directly.  If you'd like to read more about me and my qualifications, please view my biography.  If you'd like to read more about my philosophy of healthy living, please explore the Nutrition and Healthy Living articles.